Human Capital Management

Markets and industries have evolved tremendously over the last several years due to new technologies, globalisation, new employment regulations and younger, more diverse workforce. These changing scenarios have impacted the role of Human Resources (HR) professionals and brought new challenges and opportunities. The HR department is constantly faced with the challenge of finding the right talent, talent management, talent optimisation and retention. The success of any business depends on having an optimum and specialized talent pool, resources that can deliver the right solutions when required.  In the competitive landscape it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain specialized talent.

We, at  Lograr, understand this and offer services in Human Resource Management and Recruitment by providing strategic approach to effectively manage employees in an organisation to help their business gain a competitive edge. Our team comprises of seasoned HR professionals and subject matter experts with demonstrated expertise in employee engagement aspects of employee life cycle. We offer end-to-end value added solutions by incorporating the right technologies and deploying the best industry practices while striking a balance between the  short-term benefits and long-term strategic goals. We collaborate with clients to develop customised long term solutions, aligned with the business goals, to benefit the organisation for years to come.

Lograr offers the following services in Human Capital Management

Employee Onboarding Consulting Services focuses on strategies that enable seamless integration of new employees into the organization and its culture. It starts right from the time the candidate accepts the offer to join and integrate into the organisation. This enables a positive and welcoming “first impression” of the company. It is done in the following ways.

  • Familiarise the candidates with the company culture and values.
  • Give clarity of role and responsibilities of the new hire.
  • Provide the necessary tools and resources at the onset.
  • Connect with the influencers and supervisor for the given role.
  • Through formal and informal orientation and socialisation.

This will be done in phased manner over 30-60-90 day integration plan

Talent Management Solutioning Services specializes in defining and implementing policies, guidelines, processes and frameworks to help our clients optimise talent and build a robust organisation. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and then develop a set of policies to help their organization demonstrate (internally and externally) their values for ethics, diversity, compensation, health & safety and training. It also helps to showcase its commitment in relation to regulation and corporate governance of its employees.

Employee Exit Consulting Services In the current scenario where the attrition and turnover is uncomfortably high, most organisations can benefit from the use of exit analysis. This is conducted during the last stage of employee life cycle, when the candidate is disengaged from the organisation. It enables the organization to develop and implement policies and strategies to help in retaining talent. These updated policies can reduce the turnover greatly and save the organisation enormous cost of rehiring, training and faster employee productivity. An off-boarding process can also be used to effectively close the existing relationship, collect company materials, project knowledge transfer & related documents, and address any loose ends. Exit analysis will be done largely through interviews and questionnaires.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services We understands that every hire is key to the organization and to circumvent challenges faced due to lack of talent at the right time. We work closely with our client to provide quality hiring services to reduce any business risks. We understand the client needs to build a recruitment process, that effectively communicates brand’s competitive advantage, attracts the right talent. We work as an extended arm of the client and support to enhance its productivity.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing services are offered as Full Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Part Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Permanent Placements.

• Full Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides strategic consultation and oversight of the entire talent acquisition strategy while proactively identifying key areas for evaluation, planning and potential challenges. We work with the client to optimise the recruitment process and streamline operations to enhance the candidate experience.

• Part Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are designed to meet the dynamic and varying strategic needs of businesses, such as outsourcing of the hiring process for a niche skill set, an expanding geographic market region or supporting the acquisition of a new business unit. It provides focused support to organizations during the recruitment cycle such as peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions and compressed timeframes.

• Permanent Placements for the middle and senior level positions in Information Technology industry. We specialise in core IT skills and guarantee to find you the right candidate in the quickest possible time. Our vast network of partners, industry experts combined with quality database and efficient delivery model ensures we find the best possible resource.

Our team of experts enhance and optimise the hiring process by reducing the hiring time & cost and define & implement lean processes.