Business Transformation Services

In this rapidly evolving market conditions, companies, of all sizes, are adopting to transformational management strategies to align their people, processes, tools and technology to not only enhance their productivity and efficiency but also to create sustainable value.

Through our Business Transformation Services, we engage individually and collaboratively with our customers, providing them with customized solutions and services that drive differentiation and outperformance. In short, we help our clients unlock new opportunities which go beyond the typical incremental changes of simply improving margins and decreasing costs.

Lograr’s primary focus under Business Transformation Services is Product Independent Offerings, Product Based Offerings and Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Offerings. These will help our clients not only remain agile, flexible and competitive in today’s fast paced disruptive digital era but also shape their advantage for years from now.

Product Independent Offerings

Business Transformation Strategy Service spells out a customized roadmap for the transformation activities for the client. Based on the client business goals and vision, a set of Critical Success Factors (CSF) serves as the basis for all activities to be undertaken in the transformation journey. A detailed plan with checkpoint milestones, underpinned by a robust process and quality framework, will be formulated.

Business Transformation Management Service covers the overall strategic governance and management oversight for smooth operations. Specific metrics/measurements at pre-defined milestones (via analytics) will showcase the progress of the transformation and enable ‘corrections’ as needed. These would be based on customized product and project delivery lifecycle processes.

Post Transformation Review & Next Steps Service focuses on the exercise to evaluate the ‘actual implementation’ and the fulfillment of the desired objectives. Accordingly, appropriate corrective actions are taken to address the gaps.

Product Based offerings

It includes end-to-end transformation services around specific products. Activities like Business Objectives Analysis, Product Selection, Fit-Gap Analysis, Configuration and Customization are included under these offerings. Post Implementation support activities like Database Management, Incident and Change Management are also part of the offerings suite.

The currently available offerings in this area are:

Customer Relationship Management Enabled Transformation Service equips the client organizations with an enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation, that enables them to strengthen customer relations, improve sales and optimize business operations, thereby increasing productivity and profitability. Our team of expert consultants help in CRM Product selection, CRM Product Upgrade, Migration (Application Services/ Data) of External Systems into Customer Relationship Management, CRM Enhancement (Functional/Operational) and Post Implementation Production Support.

e-Learning Enabled Transformation Service helps organizations to use technology to enhance learning and performance initiatives. It enables organisations to effectively and consistently meet the varying learning needs of their workforce and augment business operations thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

We offer customized eLearning solutions to support organizations to proactively and efficiently equip their employees with specialized knowledge and expertise to perform at their best. Additionally, leveraging a digital learning approach allowing the management to gain insights on their organizations by measuring their employee’s knowledge and productivity.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Offerings

Helpdesk Analytics and Transformation Service uses our Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services framework to deliver human augmented automated helpdesk process for email or chat mode of communication. It is currently language agnostic. Predictive Analytics helps in reducing the incoming requests by identifying and addressing the problems in advance.

Human Capital Development Analytics Service provides personalized content which enhances the learning experience. This personalized learning content is based on certain validated tests which consider the individual’s capability, area of interest and personality.

Finance & Accounting – Continuous Monitoring & Reporting Service The Record to Report process (usually known as RTR) within Finance & Accounting is catered through our Continuous Monitoring & Reporting Service. This service helps in continuous reconciliation leading to timely closure and enabling timely Statutory and Audit Report filing and adhering to compliance.

Business Finance – Analysis & Reporting Service includes revenue forecasting & budgeting, business metrics and financial reporting. The reports generated are curated by financial experts for language checks, with an option to pull this back into the framework. This helps in continuous learning.